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Where Faith and History Unite

Your portal to the Holy See, Catholic Church, and global affairs. Explore history, art, and events. Stay connected with the worldwide Catholic community.

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Guiding Faith, Advancing Justice, Uniting Catholics

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is the official voice of the Catholic Church in the United States. Comprising Catholic bishops, its mission is to promote Church teachings, coordinate pastoral practices, and address issues of social justice. Providing guidance on liturgy, education, and morality, the USCCB unites Catholics and engages in advocacy efforts on important matters like immigration, healthcare, and poverty.

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New Advent Catholic News

Your Gateway to the Catholic World

New Advent Catholic News is a dynamic online news portal that offers an extensive and inclusive compilation of news and information concerning the Catholic Church. Catering to both Catholics and non-Catholics, it provides up-to-date coverage on current events, Church history, theology, and other engaging topics. With its comprehensive approach, New Advent Catholic News serves as an essential gateway to the vibrant world of Catholicism, fostering knowledge and understanding for all.

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Creigthon Online Ministries

Nourishing Souls, Anytime, Anywhere

Creighton Online Ministries is an enriching program provided by Creighton University, a Catholic Jesuit institution, aimed at empowering individuals to deepen their spiritual journeys. With a wealth of online resources and retreats, the program offers daily reflections on Scripture and various spiritual themes. Moreover, individuals can partake in guided online retreats, flexibly accessible at any time. Creighton Online Ministries serves as a nurturing platform, fostering spiritual growth and connection, regardless of location or schedule.

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