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Help at Mass

Eucharistic Ministers

A Eucharistic Minister is a person who assists in the reverent distribution of the Eucharist during Catholic Mass and other worship services. Their main duty is to support the priest or deacon in administering the consecrated bread and wine.

By faithfully serving as Eucharistic Ministers, these individuals actively contribute to fostering a profound and meaningful experience of sharing in the sacrament of the Eucharist within the Catholic community.

For more information, contact Deacon Michael Klappholz.


Hospitality ministers fulfill the important role of warmly welcoming both parishioners and visitors to the church. They are responsible for keeping the doors open, assisting individuals with special needs, and providing them with the necessary support.

In addition, hospitality ministers distribute Missals to help worshipers engage in the liturgy. To carry out their duties effectively, hospitality ministers are requested to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled Mass start time and remain available for approximately 10 minutes after the Mass concludes.

For more information, contact Susan Bright.


Lectors play a vital role in the liturgy by proclaiming the Holy Scripture aloud during Mass. They may also have the responsibility of presenting the Prayers of the Faithful and sharing post-Mass announcements.

Lectors are devout Catholics who possess a strong and respectful voice, recognizing the sacredness of God's Word. Their commitment to faithfully delivering the Scriptures contributes to the spiritual nourishment and engagement of the congregation.

For more information, contact Deacon Michael Klappholz.


The sacristan assumes the crucial responsibility of preparing the vessels, linens, and other essential elements for the liturgy. They ensure an adequate number of ministers are available for the Mass and confirm that each minister has signed in.

Additionally, the sacristan takes care of cleaning the vessels after the Mass. To carry out this ministry, it is necessary for the person to be a commissioned Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, highlighting the significance of their role in facilitating the sacredness and smooth operation of the liturgical service.

For more information, contact Deacon Michael Klappholz.