How to Register for Youth Formation

Isabelle walks you through each stage of the registration process for our youth formation programs.

Family Formation

Grades K-5

Family Formation is a collaboration between All Saints Catholic Church and St. Matthew's Catholic Church.

Family Formation is the name of our faith-based education program for children in grades K–5 and their parents. This may be done as a family to grow spiritually and learn more about the Catholic faith.

In addition to learning about a range of themes that support family religious life, parents will also learn about issues that relate to what their children are studying.

Lessons to be completed at home by parents and their children will make up the remaining portion of each month. The goal of this program is to support parents in fulfilling the church's mandate that they serve as the children's "first and foremost educators." Our goal is to support families as they deepen their connection with Christ and get a better understanding of the Catholic Faith.

Family Formation costs $75 per child.

10:00am to 11:00am in the All Saints Parish Social Hall.

October 30th
November 20th
December 18th
January 15th
February 26th
March 26th
April 4th
May 21st

Stacy Cataldo, Director of Family Formation
Phone: (319)363-6130 ext. 114

Pre-Youth Ministry

Grades 3-5

Pre-Youth Ministry is a brand-new opportunity for children in grades 3-5 to participate in youth ministry-style events before entering middle school.

This allows students to not only learn content, but also to engage in relational ministry, which is not possible in a classroom setting. 

Students will gather at St. Matthew from September to May for an hour of faith sharing, games, crafts, bonding, and, of course, food!

Pre-Youth Ministry is completely free.

6:00pm to 7:00pm at St. Matthew's School.
In the basement beside Kern Hall.

The last Wednesday every month.
With the exception of December.
September 28th
October 26th
November 30th
January 25th
February 22nd
March 29th
April 26th

Isabelle Werner, Youth Ministry and Confirmation Coordinator
Phone: (319)363-6130 ext. 115


Youth Ministry & Confirmation

Grades 6 - 8 & Grades 9 - 12
Confirmation for 10th - 12th grade
Ablaze Logo

Ablaze is a youth ministry program based off the "Road to Emmaus" passage. Why? Because this passage so clearly shows us how Jesus reveals himself relationally and sets our hearts, well, ablaze! Because Jesus chooses to be in intimate relationships with his disciples, Ablaze hopes to reflect that through its engaging witness talks, faith-filled small groups, and charismatic worship.

Youth Ministry Costs $50 per child.

7:00pm to 8:30pm at St. Matthews Church. Open to students of any Parish or Religious affiliation.
Enter through the main sanctuary door.

Every Wednesday beginning in September and ending in May.

Isabelle Werner, Youth Ministry and Confirmation Coordinator
Phone: (319)363-6130 ext. 115

Confirmation Costs $150 per child.

10:00am to 11:30am at the All Saints Parish Social Hall.

September 11th
October 16th
November 13th
December 11th
January 29th
February 12th
March 4th (Rehearsal)
March 5th (Confirmation Mass)

Isabelle Werner, Youth Ministry and Confirmation Coordinator
Phone: (319)363-6130 ext. 115

Isabelle explains Youth Ministry and Ablaze.

Youth Sacraments

Grade 2

Children of All Saints and St. Matthew's Parish who have received the Sacrament of Baptism are eligible to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist in second grade.

Your children will be prepared to receive these gifts as a result of direct catechesis in the classroom or through Family Formation. The child must be enrolled in either program.

Parents are their children's first teachers of their faith. To assist parents, additional resources will be made available electronically to supplement catechism instruction at home.

Inside the Church at All Saints Parish at 1:00pm.

January 7th
January 14th
January 21st
January 28th
February 4th*
February 11th*

*Potential make-up days are set for February 4th and February 11th

First communion

April 15th (4:00pm Mass)
April 16th (9:00am Mass)

Stacy Cataldo, Director of Family Formation
Phone: (319)363-6130 ext. 114