All Saints Elementary School

We Are All Saints!

Over the past 70 years, All Saints has a great tradition of offering education based on Catholic principles.

For kids in preschool through fifth grade, they provide a variety of learning experiences that are both content-rich and interesting.

Students at All Saints are encouraged and mentored intellectually, morally, socially, psychologically, and physically with an emphasis on meeting their unique needs.

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Regis Middle School

Royal Way. Every Day.

Formerly a Catholic high school, it began in 1958 as a successor to Immaculate Conception High School and drew students from All Saints, Immaculate Conception, St. Joseph (Marion), St. Matthew, St. Pius X, and St. Wenceslaus parishes.

Regis Middle School's principal objective is to develop the full person in a catholic environment through an active relationship with devoted families on a foundation of faith, service, academic success, and character based leadership.

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Xavier High School

We Are Xavier!

Following the union of Regis and Lasalle, two former Catholic high schools, Xavier was established in 1998.

Xavier High School's objective is to educate students in a faithful atmosphere who are eager to learn, and express their Catholic faith through Corporal Works of Mercy.

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Online Catholic Resources


The Lateran Treaty of 1929 between the Holy See and Italy was specifically created to protect the papacy's temporal, diplomatic, and spiritual independence.

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The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is an organization of Catholic bishops in the United States that works to promote the Church's teachings, coordinate pastoral practices, and address issues of social justice.

The USCCB serves as the official voice of the Catholic Church in the United States and provides guidance to Catholics on matters such as liturgy, education, and morality. The USCCB also engages in advocacy efforts on issues such as immigration, healthcare, and poverty.

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New Advent Catholic News

New Advent Catholic News is an online news portal that provides a comprehensive collection of news and information about the Catholic Church. It offers up-to-date coverage of current events, Church history, theology, and other topics of interest to Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

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Creighton Online Ministries

Creighton Online Ministries is a program offered by Creighton University, a Catholic Jesuit institution, that provides online resources and retreats to help individuals deepen their spiritual lives. The program offers daily reflections on Scripture and other spiritual topics, as well as guided online retreats that can be taken at any time.

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Local Resources & Outreach Services

Metro Catholic Outreach

Metro Catholic Outreach is a partnership endeavor of the Cedar Rapids area's 11 Catholic churches. In the Cedar Rapids Metro region, they offer a food pantry, community aid referrals, and financial support for housing and utilities to people in need.

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St. Vincent Depaul

The Cedar Rapids Chapter of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a non-profit charitable organization that helps those in need with food, clothes, rent, utilities, and other necessities.

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House of Hope

Through spiritual, emotional, and mental health care, House of Hope encourages, equips, and empowers individuals to live completely.

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Linn Community Food Bank

The Linn Community Food Bank is an all-volunteer organization that relies exclusively on donations to provide food for those in need.

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Catherine Mcauley Center

The Catherine McAuley Center was founded by the Sisters of Mercy who aptly named the Center after their foundress, Catherine McAuley. She believed that education was the ultimate answer to the struggles of those in poverty. Today, they continue to share mercy, bringing light and life where there was little or none.

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Request your Sacramental Records

The Catholic Church mandates that a person's sacramental records be retained in the church where they were baptized.

A notated Baptismal certificate has your Baptism information, as well as information on other sacraments you have received. You may request one using the form below.

Sometimes, the information does not get shared with the baptismal church as it should. If you need records that the baptismal church should have, but doesn't, you may also request that information below.

Social Hall Rental

Features of the Social Hall include:
  • Seating for 192 at round tables, 288 Auditorium-style
  • Audio-visual system with a built-in Blu-ray player, three wireless microphones, and a projection system with laptop connections.
  • A dividing wall that allows the spaces to be divided into a 1/3 and a 2/3 configuration with independent AV services.
  • A full kitchen equipped with state of the art equipment
  • Tablecloths, serving utensils, dinnerware etc.

We do not rent out chairs and/or tables to be used off site.

Request Prayers

As we gather to celebrate Mass, we invite you to join us in offering your prayers and intentions. These intentions serve as a special way to honor our loved ones who have passed and to seek the intercession of the saints and angels for our needs.

Take a moment to reflect on your intentions for the Mass. You can ask for prayers for a sick friend or family member, a personal intention that is weighing on your heart, or request a Mass intention for a deceased loved one to remember their life and legacy.

Remember, every Mass is a powerful and transformative encounter with Jesus Christ, who offers Himself to us in the Eucharist. As we pray together for our intentions and for the needs of the Church and the world, let us open our hearts to the Lord's mercy and grace, and be renewed in our faith and love.

To request a Mass intention you may contact the Parish Office, place one in the prayer request box outside of the Narthex, or fill out this form and we will add your intention to our Mass schedule.

May God bless you and your intentions abundantly.

Our current Mass Intentions

Please Pray for the following people

Vera Mehring Brette Dostal
Scott Bembenek Kevin Conway
Christina Rinderknecht Randy Krejci
Christina Lynn Tammy Fox Hingtgen
Joyce Jeanblanc Bette Logan
Jim Thompson Deb Gallagher
Imelda Tatara Stacey Lehr
Allan Murray Elsa Mudong
Joe Zachar Larry Richards
Donna Feld Teddy Sabet
Mary Gallagher Boheman Family
Jones Hingtgen Jerry Alderson
Pat Malloy Tina Schmitz
Kerry Lynn Isabelle Werner
Patrick Logan Mindi Van Gilder
Jenny Owens Gregory Anexstad
Nyle Pratt Jerry Noel
Jerry Noel Bowers Family
Cal Speltz John & Cindy Beasly

Parishoners & Family Members on Active duty

Andy Murtha Stephen Ocenosak
Zachary Gilbert Ryer Barnes