The All Saints Quilters meet on the third Tuesday of each month from 6:30 to 9:00 PM in the Social Hall (except in July and December).

The main goal is camaraderie, with an emphasis on making a quilt to raffle off each year.

In collaboration with the parish Haiti committee, the quilters also sew backpacks and school uniforms for the children of our sister parish in Haiti.

For more information, contact Ann Tow.

The Faith Formation Commission meets on the fourth Thursday of each month (except July) at 6:30 p.m. in the Parish Library.

The committee is made up of volunteers as well as officials from the School Board and the Pastoral Council who have been nominated.

Anyone who wants to promote parish-wide Faith Formation is invited and encouraged to attend.

For more information, contact Peg Schmitz.

The All Saints Catholic Parish Finance Council is a group of dedicated individuals responsible for overseeing the financial affairs of the Parish.

Comprised of knowledgeable professionals, the council works to ensure the responsible management of resources and the long-term financial stability of the community.

Their expertise and guidance are essential to the success and growth of the parish, particularly in these challenging times.

Through their efforts, the council helps to uphold the values of stewardship and accountability central to the Catholic faith.

For more information contact, Emmett Scherrman

The Haiti Eastern Iowa Committee was formed in 2000 when we were twinned with the Parish of Notre Dame de Lourdes in Haiti.

Our purpose is to provide prayers, solidarity and funds for this Parish. Funds raised are primarily directed to education in 24 rural Catholic schools. The committee includes members of All Saints, St John’s in Mt Vernon and Heart of Mary Cluster in Vinton.

The committee meets the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm. Location rotates between the three churches. Check the bulletin for location

For more information contact, Tina Lampe or Kelly Loeffelholz

The Liturgy Committee meets on the second Wednesday of the month (except July) at 5:00 PM in the parish library.

The purpose of the All Saints Liturgy Committee is, through Spirit-inspired direction, to invite full and active participation of the faithful in the celebration of the Holy Liturgy.

This involves both short-range and long-range planning, recruitment and training for liturgical ministries, ongoing art and environmental decor and expression, catechesis, and other tasks pursuant to the Liturgical year.

For more information contact, Sue Bright.

MOMs is a group for moms of all ages and stages.

Women are encouraged to think about themselves and their roles in life. They examine their strengths, weaknesses, ministries, feelings, and friendships, as well as how God's grace affects all aspects of their lives.

They are encouraged to seek out areas of personal growth in their lives and to view their vocation as a sacred gift from God.

For more information, contact Katrina Bueckers.

The Pastoral Council collaborates closely with the Pastor, the Finance Council, and the Administrative Staff to offer long-term parish planning.


This planning entails a continuous assessment of parish requirements, the identification of resources, and the establishment of priorities. The Pastoral Council is made up of six elected parish members who serve three-year terms.

Every year in May, elections are conducted to replace council members whose mandates have expired.

From August through June, the Pastoral Council meets on the third Thursday of each month.

For more information, contact John Michael

It's difficult to be who God has called us to be in today's world. How do we follow Jesus while also leading others? How can we strike a balance between the obligations of job (or education) and the duties of home? How can we love our spouses (and others) in the same way that Christ loved the Church?

To discover how to be "God's men" in today's culture, come to a casual atmosphere where men may enjoy excellent instruction, engaging conversation, and getting to know other men on the same journey.

Every Wednesday evening from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. the Men of the Eucharist gather in the parish Library.

For more information contact, Mike Schulte.

The Charismatic Prayer group meets on Tuesday afternoons from 3:00pm to 4:00pm at the church's lower level.

You can put prayer requests into the Narthex's prayer request box, or you can make a request online.

Click here to request prayers.

For more information contact, our Office Manager.

The Pastoral Council has a standing body called the Social Justice Committee. Its mission is to carry on Jesus' ministry by supporting disadvantaged people and those with special needs, to promote and manage programs that advocate for justice and compassion for all God's children, and to give opportunity for parishioners to react to today's social concerns.

 The committee meets at the basement level of the church on the second Monday of every even-numbered month.

For more information contact, Melissa Peckosh

St. Anne instilled in her daughter, Mary, a love of God, as seen by Mary's ready acceptance to become Jesus' mother.

St. Anne Circle members also promote a love of God through caring for one another physically, socially, and spiritually. The St. Anne Circle is in charge of keeping the vigil lights lit within the church.

The funds are used to benefit All Saints, and our community via different volunteer programs. Meetings are conducted in the Social Hall of All Saints on the third Tuesday of each month at 1:00pm.

The co-hostesses provide dessert and coffee.

For more information, contact Monica Magee

St. Monica Circle, which was founded over 60 years ago, is a varied and fun-loving community of women. St. Monica is the patron saint of mothers, and she serves as an example of faith-filled service and love in family and marriage.

St. Monica Circle promotes its members' spiritual well-being and contributes to the parish mission to Love God, Serve Others, and Form Disciples. The Circle's funds are utilized to assist the Parish and community programs.

From September through May, we host luncheon meetings at noon on the second Tuesday of each month, with a summer party as a highlight. We commemorate St. Monica's Feast Day by attending Mass as a group.

For more information contact, Jeanne Amosson

Mother Cabrini Circle meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month, from March to October, at or around 7 p.m.

The setting is frequently at the houses of members. The objective of the organization shall be to unite members in order to improve the social and spiritual welfare of the group as well as All Saints Parish.

Mother Cabrini funds are used to support the parish. There are also yearly dues of $20. This group is also involved in promoting church activities and ministries. For more information, contact Cindy Erger.

That Man is You! is an interactive men's program that combines cutting-edge scientific research with Church teachings and spiritual wisdom to develop authentic male leaders capable of transforming themselves, their families, and society as a whole. Come join us for food, friendship, and religion.

Beginning September 15th, the group will meet at St. Elizabeth's at 6:00 a.m. on Thursdays.

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, we will not meet on November 24th.

All men are welcome.

Visit for further information, or contact Larry Hunter or Joe Latta.


The All Saints Music Ministry has a long history of supplying top-notch music in a range of genres to amplify our worship services.

There are several areas of the music ministry where you could be interested in getting involved. Which one could be the one for you?

All types of instrumental music are enjoyable to us. We are blessed to have musicians available right now that are proficient in playing the piano, guitar, flute, cello, horn, and percussion.

We most desperately need keyboard players.

Are you on the fence? Start out by limiting the number of songs you play during Mass to just one or two.

Music singers who lead songs or sing in small groups are crucial.

At least once every four to six weeks, cantors take the music at Mass.

Rehearsals are determined by song choices, experience, and individual schedules.

The Psalm must be proclaimed by the cantor.

More cantors would be a wonderful addition to the All Saints Music Ministry.

The SATB choral format is used by our adult choir. (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass).

September through May, this group meets on Wednesdays from 6:30pm to 8:00pm to practice.

This choir currently has 36 members. The tenor area is where we are most in need of new singers.

Dennis Hodge is the choir's outstanding conductor.

New participants are always welcome in each of these forms of music.

Please think about how you could participate if you have a musical interest.

For more information contact, Matthew Burrier.

Mass Setting Memorial Acclaim
Belmont Mass Save us Savior
March 25 - 26
5th Sunday in Lent
4pm - Choir
9am -
April 1 - 2
Palm/Passion Sunday
4pm - Lori & Lois
9am - Choir
April 6
Holy Thursday
5:30pm - Choir
April 7
Good Friday
5:30pm - Mens Essemble
April 8
Easter Vigil
8:00pm - Choir
April 9
Easter Sunday
9:00am - Choir

Volunteer Opportunities

All Saints Scrip

Assist in processing Scrip orders after masses and help with local Scrip pick ups. Scrip table order processing is a small time commitment and you will be with another Scrip volunteer filling Scrip orders after weekend mass.

Local Pick Ups are done between Monday and Thursday mornings on your schedule. Tell us what Scrip route you prefer - we have five different routes.

The Scrip Coordinator places the Scrip orders on Mondays and issues checks. Pick Up volunteers drop the Scrip check off at the retailer, pick up the Scrip cards, then drop your pick up off at the parish office and you are done.

Questions or to Sign Up
Sponsor couples

Help those prepared to enter into Christian marriage.  The sponsor couple spends around 10 hours with the engaged couple, assisting them in understanding the Catholic Church's vision of the sacrament of marriage.

The sole criteria for being a sponsor couple is that you have been married for at least five years and wedded according to Church norms.

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Communion for the Homebound

It is a wonderfully unique ministry to bring Communion from our church to our homebound.

On First Fridays and every Sunday, numerous eucharistic ministers visit parishioners who are unable to attend church and are living in care facilities or their own homes.

The ministers bring the Eucharist to the homebound, together with the daily readings, a church bulletin, and the parish's compassionate presence.

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Take Away Hunger

Take Away Hunger is a food relief organization that unifies teams of people who package a specialized rice based soy casserole mixture which is used locally and overseas.

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Help At Mass

Eucharistic Minister

Anyone who has received the sacrament of confirmation is welcome to participate.

Contact Deacon Mike

The hospitality ministers welcome parishioners and visitors to the church, keep the doors open, and ensure that people with special needs receive the help they need. They distribute Missals as well.

You are asked to arrive 15 minutes before Mass is scheduled to start and to stay until about 10 minutes after Mass is finished.

Questions or to Sign Up

The Holy Scripture is proclaimed aloud by lectors, who may also present the Prayers of the Faithful and after Mass announcements.

The lector is a devout Catholic with a commanding voice and respect for God's Word.

Contact Deacon Mike

The vessels, linens, and other elements of the liturgy are prepared by the sacristan. They ensure there are enough ministers for that Mass and that every minister has signed in.

After the Mass, they also clean the vessels.

The person must be a commissioned Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion in order to perform this ministry.

Contact Deacon Mike